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3 months ago

Hi Everybody,

This Half term, the Main activity is shown in the previous post (the LipDub session) but we also have Youth Club for REGISTERED Young Carers on for the following age groups :

5-7 ... See more

3 months ago
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HI everybody, Ever wanted to make a music video? Well this is your chance. This activity is for 8-17 year olds. Please follow instructions on the poster to put your name down for a place.

Have a ... See more


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At the Young Carers Project in Coventry, we believe all young people should be given the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential

Through appropriate support, and a regular presence within primary schools the Education Worker aims to raise awareness of young carers and enable schools to help reduce the impact of caring responsibilities on education.

The Education Worker will provide support to schools in different ways; running awareness assemblies, staff training, referring to our Young Carers and Family Support Worker for 1:1 support, attending meetings, running information/drop in sessions and PSHE lessons.

The Education Worker will also be working with primary schools across Coventry in implementing the Young Carers in Schools Programme, a joint initiative being run by the Carers Trust National and The Children’s Society. This scheme aims to enable schools across Coventry to effectively provide a high standard of support for Young Carers in their schools. Overall, through accessing the awards scheme the objective is to improve attendance and attainment, and ensure Young Carers achieve to their full academic potential whilst being given the tools to manage their caring role.

There are three awards that can be achieved; Bronze, Silver and Gold and there are 5 standards to each award that must be met before applying – Understand, Inform, Identify, Listen and Support. Primary Schools across Coventry can then nationally show they have done all they can to successfully recognise, identify and support Young Carers.

The Bronze Award

In order to achieve this standard, school will need to show evidence of the following:

  • Raise awareness of young carers by adopting a ‘whole school approach’
  • Have a Young Carers’ Lead in place who is identifiable to all young carers, families, and school staff
  • Promote Young Carers in a positive way and share good practice (via staff/pupil noticeboards)
  • Accessible information for all staff on how to identify and signpost young carers
  • Support young carers with all aspects of their educational attainment (attendance, experiences, time management and homework support)
  • Regular support for young carers through drop in sessions and young carer groups
  • Be flexible in your approach to young carers and take into account their caring role (lunch time detentions rather after school or using the phone to check on their cared for)
  • Ensure young carers are able to access extra-curricular activities, are given a safe space to relax and have a break during the day

The Silver Award

In order to achieve this standard, school will need to show evidence of the following:

  • Young Carers school lead has whole-school support in place to maintain the needs of young carers
  • Attainment and attendance of young carers is monitored through schools internal management systems
  • Termly young carer themes or PSHE lesson plans, raising continuous awareness of young carers through positive imagery of disabilities/illnesses
  • Regular information disseminated to parents regarding young carer issues and support available
  • Staff training to recognize hidden young carers, and to equip staff in supporting, advising and signposting/referring where appropriate
  • Widen approach to identifying young carers at enrolment process and providing early intervention and support those in need
  • Ensure there is a young carers policy and procedures in place, or update existing policies to include young carers
  • Information provided to other resources and services available for young carers across the school via noticeboards for pupils and staff
  • School nurses are carer aware, and accessible for pupils
  • Ongoing partnership work with your local young carers service

The Gold Award

In order to achieve this standard, school will need to show evidence of the following:

  • Established processes for partnership work to support young carers and their families
  • Monitoring and utilizing internal systems to identify, engage, and support young carers
  • Young carers being included in whole school development plans, in line with national and local developments, changes in legislations and guidance which affect young carers and their families
  • Examples of positive shared practice, in particular with feeder schools
  • An appointed Young Carers Lead on the Governing Body championing for young carers
  • Support plans are in place which also take into account caring roles
  • Specific training delivered to staff to identify young carers affected by stigmatized illnesses (parental mental ill health, substance misuse and HIV)
  • Young carers views are gathered and evidence to show they are embedded in schools monitoring processes
  • Evidence of whole family work is being undertaken to reduce or prevent a caring role
  • School has been made accessible for all who may have a disability or long term illness.

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