Staff Feedback

Please see some quotes that we have received from employees that have worked for us.

“I find all the office staff very approachable and they all work very hard- constant change of the rotas must be hard to manage at times.”

“Proud to be a member as the company is still viewed highly by the clients i support.”

“Always helpful.”

“Great satisfaction from helping people especially them who may not see anyone else all day.”

“I feel i am a valued member of Carers Trust and totally enjoy working for the company.”

“The communication and support is very good.”

“The company as a whole is a good place to work. We have hiccups but knowing where to got for the correct support is something we all need to learn.”

“Very happy to work with Carers Trust team.”

“I have really enjoyed my time here so far and i feel i have come a long way since starting here. I’ve never felt like a new girl and feel that everyone i have met has been friendly and helpful. Some of the carers i have doubled up with have helped me and given me tips as well as been more than patient with me.”

“Definitely the best care agency”

“It is always a pleasure to visit the office as all staff are very good and listen to what i have to say and any problems are sorted quickly, all are great team”

“The office staff are always polite to myself on the telephone or when i am in the office they always work with a smile on their face even though they are working under pressure themselves.”