Group Support

Meeting and talking to others can be an important way to help you in your caring role.

The time you devote to caring can mean you have very little time to see friends, which can lead to you feeling very alone.

However good you are at coping, there will be times when you want to talk to others who may be in a similar situation to you. Meeting up with other carers can also help as you will be able to swap useful information and ideas.

We offer a number of ways in which you can be supported in a group setting:

Support Groups for Carers

We organise weekly/monthly Support Groups for:

  • All Carers
  • Carers of people with Mental Ill Health
  • South Asian Carers
  • Chinese Carers
  • Former Carers
  • Carers of people with cancer
  • Carers of people with dementia

Click here for details about Support Groups near you.