Carers’ Wellbeing Assessments

A Carer’s Assessment is a statutory right (under the Care Act 2014) for adults who look after another adult and who need help to enable them to continue to care.

Its purpose is to assess the impact that the care and support you provide is having on your own wellbeing, as well as important aspects of the rest of your life, including the things you want to achieve day-to-day. Other important issues are also considered, such as whether you are able or willing to carry on caring, whether you work or want to work, and whether you want to study or do more socially. The assessment is used to identify your support needs, and to plan how these can be met.

All carers who access our service will have a Wellbeing Check and will be offered a carers assessment if they choose to have one.

Carers Wellbeing Check

A wellbeing Support worker will have a discussion with you to understand your situation as a carer with the aim of identifying your individual needs and were we can advise and assist you with your caring role.

All wellbeing checks will result in the provision of a personalised and locally tailored information and advice on all aspects of the caring role, and to identify any support that may be available locally through universal services, community and voluntary support.

The service will coordinate and develop a network of support to ensure that you are supported to achieve their individual outcomes and connected to all the relevant services.

Carer Wellbeing Assessment

Carers wellbeing Assessments are delivered by Carers Trust Heart of England, we act as a single point of entry for support to adult carers across Warwickshire through a trusted partnership between the Carer Wellbeing Service and Warwickshire County Council.  Where a Carers Wellbeing Assessment indicates that some or all of a carers needs and outcomes can only be met through access to statutory services, the Carers Wellbeing worker will refer the carer to the Warwickshire County Council’s Social Services Care and Support team for a statutory assessment of their eligibility assessment.

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