Thousands of foodies flock to the Coventry Food Festival

This was very much a community experience with the many businesses in the hospitality industry working together to show the mass diversity and cultural bonding that Coventry embraces no more so in its variety of food and dining.

This was an event and one of many we will see in the run-up to the City of Culture 2021. It was a good platform for Carers Trust to engage with the public and encourage more family carers to come forward.

Coventry is a City with 34,000 family Carers which increases by the day. The Value of care provided if we were to convert it into a monetary value would equate to 6.5 million in Coventry alone with high numbers of carers providing care above 50 hours + per week. Therefore, we will be attending many events like this as possible to continue to support family carers and raise the profile of Carers Trust even more.