Pressure on working carers is increasing

Carers UK new report states that “more than 600 people a day leave their jobs because of the demands of being a carer.”

The pressures of looking after an elderly, ill or disabled relative have made almost half a million people quit their jobs in the UK in the past two years, says Carers UK.

At Carers Trust we know the demands of looking after someone you love can result in leaving your job or reducing your hours, increasing the financial burden.

With over 15% of the working population now working and caring, we believe there needs to be more flexibility in the workplace.

The report estimates that almost five million people are trying to balance looking after relatives with working – up from about three million in 2011, says Carers UK.

Listen to the link below to find out about how it is impacting on carers in Coventry and what we can do to help carers.