New website tender

Carers Trust Heart of England are looking to commission a new public facing website which will help to ensure that local carers are able to find out more about the services offered, access useful information easily and is reflective of the vision and values of the organisation.

We have recognised that the current public-facing website needs updating as it is not be a true representation of the organisation due to an outdated design and backend website management system which is contributing to content becoming out-of-date and navigation through the site confusing.

A new website has been discussed (but not yet been commissioned) to ensure that the site matches the wants-and-needs of the organisation and local carers.

The organisation is looking for a local company to work with us to design and develop a new corporate website built on the research that has taken place (available on request).

Please click the below link to read the full brief for this piece of work:

Carers Trust website briefing document