Customer Feedback

Please see some quotes that we have received from carers and cared for that have used our range of services.

“Well organised trust, able to accommodate this short term care need. Ladies arranging and co-ordinating plan professional. carers polite and helpful.”

“Without this service i could not cope”

“It meant i had a good nights sleep so that i could cope the next day”

“Allows my daughter to go out as i can’t be left alone”

“Enables me to go out to do my shopping every week”

“The carers are all lovely”

“CRESS is a wonderful idea”

“All carers who have been to me have been very kind and caring”

“All carers are very kind and professional.”

“The quality of care is second to none”

“Good, reliable service. Helpful, friendly staff”

“I had great support when my husband was in hospital. I was able to stay at home”

“It helps gives my family peace of mind that i have help everyday”

“Generally Carers Trust Heart of England provide a good service. I am happy with this”

“It’s a good service”

“I always receive excellent care and feel well supported by all the carers. They are wonderful.”

“My sons life has improved with the support that is offered to him”

“The CRESS service worked well. It gave us all the opportunity to get the next plans in place.”

“We are very satisfied with the service that is provided from Carers Trust Heart Of England”

“The support has been fantastic”

“The service is amazing. There are kind people who listen to you and understand and help you.”

“The courses I’ve been on are great, the staff are very supportive.”

“All the staff I’ve come in contact with have been exceptionally friendly, sympathetic and helpful.”

“Wonderful, helpful staff just a phone call away.”

“It’s nice to know your there if i need you”

“The support that i receive from Carers Trust is first class especially when regularly updating our requirements”

“Just knowing your service is there is less worry for me as a carer”

“The services provided gives me a break and go out and meet my friends”

“Excellent service. Real piece of mind for both myself and my wife”

“You provide a reassuring service, just to know you are there when needed. Thank you very much”

“Every time we have used the CRESS service we know who we look after will be looked after someone capable and confident. Without CRESS his mum would never get the hospital treatment she needs. Thanks to all”