Carers Trust Heart of England welcomes their new Chief Executive.

Sonja Woodhouse has taken up the post of Chief Executive after the former CEO stepped down after 27 years.  “I am confident that under Sonja’s leadership the charity will continue to thrive, serving carers and those they care for throughout Coventry and Warwickshire” Penny Collard MBE.

Sonja first joined Carers Trust Heart of England in 2017 working alongside Aleron and staff to introduce a new impact management framework.  During that time Sonja really got to know the staff and how good the services were.

Sonja said “When the post of Chief Executive came up I knew this was a charity that I wanted to work for, building on the excellent reputation built up by Penny Collard and her team over a number of years. The team were not only helpful and supportive during my time working with Carers Trust, but also demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the charity and all of the customers. I knew it was a special place to work and I felt that I could really help the team to continue providing great services in Coventry and Warwickshire for carers and the people they care for, making a real difference in people’s lives.”

Sonja has a background in Adult Social Care within Local Authorities in roles including commissioning and engagement, in particular developing services for carers and has worked in the not for profit sector for a number of years developing sustainability, increasing efficiency and impact of organisations to ensure that beneficiaries receive the best quality services.

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